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Camp Hill, Brisbane

Kitchen Design Renovation

What We Did

The interior renovation specialist, Andrew from Align Kitchens, worked with the owner of this charming home in Camp Hill to bring to life a new kitchen design that combined functionality with aesthetics. 

The first thing we noticed, when we visited the Camp Hill home, is that the kitchen design did not complement the older style of the rest of the home which otherwise had a lot of potential. It was very important to work together with the homeowner to create a design that would transform the kitchen in a way that interacted effortlessly with the traditional style of the home’s wider environment. 

Another important consideration for the kitchen makeover was the functionality. The original kitchen did not provide generous storage solutions which ultimately gave it a cluttered feel when you walked in. 

Andrew from Align Kitchens worked with the homeowner Susan to create a new design that addressed the aesthetics, functionality and feel of the kitchen. The homeowner brought some great ideas to the table and was very open-minded to suggestions. This made the collaboration and whole process enjoyable, expansive and flexible for both the homeowner and the designer. 

When it came to the aesthetics, we were mindful of creating a design that spoke to the wider environment including the home’s classic VJ walls and exquisite french doors that open out onto a large wooden decking. This was achieved with shaker style custom cabinetry painted in natural white as well as the addition of the Smartstone Bianco Onix marble benchtops. The owner also supplied brass handles that integrated remarkably with the design. To top it all off, the new cabinetry reached the ceilings to provide easier cleaning and ample storage solutions.


At Align Kitchens, we believe that the social hub and heart of your home is your kitchen. It’s a special space to make and share meals with loved ones while creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime. So when we revamped the kitchen design of this classic Camp Hill home, we did so in a way that ensured the preservation of the home’s existing charm.  

The natural white colour palettes of the cabinetry and the marble-style benchtop interacts exquisitely with the classic VJ walls and french doors that open up onto a wooden decking where the homeowners can enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of their home. The homeowner also added a touch of their own personal signature with brass handles that are a striking complement to the new kitchen design. 

We were also able to achieve optimal functionality of the kitchen space, which the homeowners had expressed as very important to them. With custom designed cabinetry that reaches to the ceilings, the owners no longer have to concern themselves with the collection of dust while also being able to enjoy ample storage solutions that remove the clutter. 

So now, the kitchen gives you that ‘WOW’ feeling when you walk in! 

All in all, the redesign of this space’s aesthetics not only preserved the charm of this classic, older style Camp Hill home but also allowed the homeowners to enjoy a more flexible feeling.

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