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The interior renovation specialists at Align Kitchens gave this home in The Gap, Brisbane the kitchen makeover it needed. When the couple had begun noticing their kitchen’s vinyl timber flooring and parts of their cabinetry was deteriorating, they approached Align Kitchen to assist them in revamping their space. When we first went to see the home, we instantly noticed the beautiful mid-century modern design of the house.

The kitchen itself boasted a sixties-style design suited for a family of four which wasn’t quite aligned with the rest of the home nor the homeowner’s lifestyle. The kitchen was also a unique space to work with as it had a split-level design. This was apparent with the servery bench that was tucked away at the back, with its large built-in timber panel penetrating the lower level of the home. When our clients told us that they didn’t want any modifications to their existing window infrastructure, we also had to consider the depth between the window’s architrave and back wall of the kitchen where the couple envisioned the installation of the wall units for extra storage space. 

Further considerations Align Kitchen designers had to bear in mind, was how to utilise the unknown space behind the fridge, what to do with the odd cupboard built-in to the wall behind the fridge space and how to integrate the new design with the existing back panel, wall structure and present features of the stair balustrade. When it came time to renovate, we also had to be mindful of how the structure of the kitchen would change due to the asbestos removal. To successfully give our clients the dream kitchen makeover they wanted, we needed to be flexible with the design, as it largely depended on what we found after the removal of the cupboards.

To the homeowner’s delight, the new kitchen design gave a nod to the mid-century modern style of their beautiful Brisbane home. Their new kitchen space included timber accented, custom-made cabinetry to flow with the home’s timber flooring, kit kat style tiles with a splashback and Nikpol terrazzo benchtop to add a touch of colour and elegance that the couple could enjoy when it came time to cook and share special moments together!


For this home kitchen makeover, it was important to the couple that the new design would optimise functionality and be aesthetically pleasing. They were also very conscious of their environmental footprint, so we did our best to ensure we worked alongside our client to align their values with our promise to deliver a quality makeover that suited their style and needs. The project required concise planning and the synergy between numerous artesian and specialist trades to create a new kitchen design that was conducive with the style of the rest of the home.

At Align Kitchens, we believe that the kitchen is the heart of your home and a social hub where meals are created and shared during the precious times that is spent together in this room. So when we designed the upgraded, modern kitchen makeover, we ensured that we maximised the space efficiency without compromising on style so the couple could harmoniously prepare, cook and eat together.

They positively commented on how much they appreciated the extra storage that was built in, the newly spacious feel of their kitchen and the pleasant aesthetics which transformed this space into a hub they now thoroughly enjoy spending time together in!

All in all, the new kitchen makeover’s design preserved the authenticity of the beautiful Brisbane home, while also giving it a fresh appearance of being more spacious, modern, and aesthetically pleasing.

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Client Testimonial

We enjoy cooking and being in this space. It’s aesthetically pleasing, so much easier to clean and the extra storage is so welcome.

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