Kitchen, bathroom & wardrobe cabinetry, custom to you.

Custom Cabinet Makers

When you’re renovating your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry, you’re creating the perfect space for you. So, why should your cabinetry be an exception? Create your ideal storage and aesthetic through cabinetry that’s created just for you.

Making Memories

"Create a perfect place for everything and nothing gets lost."

Custom cabinetry pulls together each space.

Custom cabinetry, whether for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, or your wardrobe, is so valuable both to pull off your dream renovation and for your new lifestyle.  Off the shelf cabinetry can box you into how your kitchen or bathroom is laid out. Custom cabinetry unlocks more options and creates better usability of your home for you.


Custom cabinetry can transform how you live

Think about your lifestyle… Are you an avid cook? More of a baker? Do you have a massive wardrobe and need an intelligent solution to store all of your finest garments? There are so many amazing ways to transform your home through custom cabinetry — it just depends on your priorities.

Think hidden compartments for cooking trays, big drawers for your baking tins, pull out shelves to maximise unused space, the perfect spot for your shoe collection, or the finishing touch to make your beautiful study nook functional too.

Get custom cabinets designed for your renovation

Our design consultants can help you select the perfect materials for your custom cabinetry to complement your home renovation. With custom made cabinets, it is possible to create a cohesive theme or design that ties each room together and defines your new home’s aesthetic. Unsure about the materials or finishes? Our design consultants would love to help you make these decisions.

Close-up of custom cabinetry

Expert design, detailed joinery

After you’ve consulted with your designer to create the perfect structure for your customised cabinetry and have selected all your dream materials, we’ll have it manufactured. We’re really proud of the detailed workmanship that goes into our custom cabinetry. From how each element is lovingly pieced together to the optional joinery we provide.

A comprehensive solution for crafting custom cabinetry

We know you’re busy, so we make it easy. When we team up with you for a kitchen or bathroom renovation or the transformation of your wardrobe, we’ll manage it all. From plumbers and electricians to our joinery team and our design selections. 

Our project managers handle it all to provide you with a comprehensive, stress-free experience — so you can enjoy the process.

custom cabinetry

Making Memories

"A well-organised home is a lovely place to be."

Just one of our custom cabinetry transformations

Black aesthetic custom cabinetry in a walk-in wardrobe

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