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Wondering where to start?

Your bathroom is a spot that creates total comfort at home. It’s a room where those little touches really count — rainwater shower heads, heat lamps, even the bathtub. As you look at the design of your new bathroom, it may seem overwhelming as you find yourself brainstorming the flooring, plumbing and plastering. On top of the logistics, there is also the style to consider. Setting your visual goals for the space will help you make all those key decisions as you progress through your renovation. Take a look at our recent projects for some inspiration or speak with one of our experts.

Here’s what we love in new bathrooms.

Custom Vanities & Cabinetry
LED Strip Lighting
Modern Tile Designs
Quality Fittings & Fixtures

Planning the layout

Once you have that style in mind, the next thing to plan is the layout. The current positioning of the plumbing may or may not provide limitations as to what you can achieve here. Many renovators believe it’s expensive to move the plumbing but often, that’s not the case. It comes down to the access and style of the home. We can explore this with you at our complimentary in-home consultation. Our experts will assist you to maximise the functionality and charm of the bathroom whilst being mindful of each consideration.

black and white bathroom renovation after photo

Add value to your home

A smart bathroom design with all the right inclusions will improve your lifestyle — but it can add a lot of value to your home too. If your home is the ideal family home, then a bathtub and a spacious bathroom is a great deal sweetener when it comes time to sell. As is a bathroom style that carries the spirit of the home.

pattern bathroom floor tiles in a bright bathroom renovation after photo

Tie it into the rest of your home

Look at how your bathroom fits into the overall design of your home. It could be jarring to have a highly modern bathroom in a traditional Queenslander home. So, tie it into the existing design, even if it’s just with some transitional elements.

What are your must-haves?

It’s time to think about your must-haves. If you’re designing a family bathroom, perhaps a freestanding bathtub is a non-negotiable for efficient bath-times. For a larger family, perhaps maximised storage takes the lead with large, designated drawers for the ever-multiplying rubber duckies and teen toiletries. For a master ensuite, think of morning routines — would a double vanity keep the peace?

Consider cleaning too — if low maintenance is your number one priority, a frameless glass, walk-in shower (or perhaps even no glass at all) will mean less time cleaning and more time soaking.

Close-up of a modern white sink featuring a black tap

Fittings and finishes

Think back to the overall style you chose at the beginning — a light Scandinavian style, a Victorian-era room, or something industrial? Is black and white your thing? Are you just dying to stand under a giant, rain showerhead? Notice the materials, the stone, the tile, the handles.

It can be hard to visualise, so come in and see it for yourself. Utilise our showroom to open and close, touch and feel, and get some tactile inspiration with amazing advice from our experts.

What about the storage?

When we think bathrooms, we don’t necessarily think storage. But we should. From toilet paper and spare towels to medicine, skincare, haircare, spare hand soap, and even your cleaning products. There’s a lot to keep in your bathroom and the best thing you can do is work out your storage solutions

If you have a larger family, can you create designated drawers to store everyone’s individual products in? Can you avoid that cluttered countertop with some basin-side, recessed storage?

Modern kitchen storage solution
marbled wall tiles in a modern bathroom renovation

Custom vanities & cabinetry ties it all together

Our team creates custom cabinetry and bathroom vanities to totally transform the look and function of your bathroom. Often, we find that off the shelf vanities and cabinets aren’t quite perfect — particularly when you’re piecing together your dream home. So, we work with you to create a custom design and select the perfect materials for your new bathroom’s vanity.

A comprehensive solution for new bathrooms and bathroom renovations

We absolutely love transforming your bathroom for you. Whether we’re creating your brand new bathroom from scratch or transforming your existing bathroom, it’s so important to us that you enjoy the experience.

So, we make it as simple as we possibly can. We’ll handle the contracting and organisation of all plumbers, electricians, tilers, and any other professional we need to pull the transformation off. 

Modern bathroom with large wall mirror and white sink

Making Memories

"The bathroom is a place for ritual, relaxation and rejuvenation. It's a place to reset."

Just one of our custom bathroom designs

Modern bathroom open to the outside with an outdoor bath and shower

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