Stunning laundry transformations and additions.

Laundry Renovations

Once the “forgotten room”, the laundry is finally being appreciated for the value it thanklessly provides and it’s fast becoming a stylish space. The average Queensland family washes 350 loads of laundry every year. So, it only make sense to make the inevitable pleasing, right?

Making Memories

“Look after your laundry and your soul will look after itself” - W. Somerset Maugham

So, how do we makeover your laundry?

Perhaps you’ve been considering how to improve that seemingly never ending experience: do you race through it as swiftly as possible? Or do you maybe enjoy the feeling of carefully cleansing garments for another week of self-confidence? Either way, we spend a lot of time in the laundry, so how do we make it a nice place to be? This page is full of ideas on how to help you take the ‘load’ off.

Efficient Washing Process
Save Time & Stay Organised
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Clever Cabinetry

Aside from the obvious — like deciding where the washing machine and dryer go — start with imagining high-use items such as laundry baskets.

Naturally unsightly, heavy and clumsy, they seem to be the necessity that is always in the way. That’s where custom cabinetry comes in. Organise your cabinetry so that laundry can be easily separated. 

Laundry baskets seem to be the necessity that is always in the way. Minimise that typical laundry clutter with a clever cabinetry solution such as installing a double pull-out laundry hamper, so that the light and dark loads can be easily separated whilst remaining out of sight and out of mind.

Stylish Storage

Laundry rooms don’t have to lose out on style just because they tend to be thought of as functional spaces only. Let’s think of laundries in the way that we think of kitchens: as a place to nourish and care for ourselves and our families.  Whilst both are task-heavy spaces, we still want them to feel warm and welcoming.

Consider the look of your laundry and how custom cabinetry can ensure it’s always a stylish affair. We love stylish storage to hide those unsightly items like bleach and other laundry products.

Built-in Table Ideas

Make laundry simple with a built-in table, so you have a place to fold clothes, sort piles before sending them to their respective wardrobes, and have somewhere to remedy stains so you can return gorgeous garments to their former glory. Dirty work doesn’t have to be dirty. A well-placed work table can help keep the space light, bright, and beautiful.  If saving space is a priority to you, you can work in a water-resistant benchtop for your front-loading washer and dryer. Make the space work for you, not vice versa.

Add value to your home

Not only does a well-designed laundry improve how your day-to-day runs but it also adds value to your home. A modern, smart, and good looking laundry can secure homeowners a higher asking price and eventually a higher selling price. Especially if your laundry design integrates nicely with the rest of your home. Keep your colour palette flowing from the kitchen, dining room, or surrounding decor. 

Dry Inside with a Hanging Rail​

Hang garments straight onto a hanger and display them on a hanging rail built into your laundry. It means no more choosing between having to let them lose shape in the dryer, wield the reins of the clothes horse, or accept peg marks as a part of life. Once they’ve dried, it’s easy to iron and hang them back up, before transferring directly from the hanging rail to the wardrobe — ready for school, work, or the world stage.

These can be cleverly and discretely placed. Hanging rails can be cleverly placed into your custom cabinetry, as long as there is a minimum of a metre below. Look around the room and imagine where you could place one. We can help you do this when designing your cabinetry if it’s something you can see simplifying your process, but we also trust you know where you want things to be. Have a go and see what you come up with.

Tie it into your existing design

If it’s a Queenslander, there are some lovely, modern yet transitional choices in cupboard doors. It doesn’t have to feel light years ahead of the beautiful traditions in the home. Work it in with some profiled doors and a soft hue in colour choice. There are plenty of Scandi-inspired laundry styles on Pinterest along with sleek and futuristic designs. Save your favourite images and show us when you visit us in our showroom. We can help identify the elements and replicate them for your investment.

Stop wrestling your iron board

There are fabulous options available that can be built into your cabinetry, so you simply pull your board down. It makes that early morning out-the-door-rush a much more pleasant experience.

Laundry organisation idea

Have a family? How about a drawer for each person? Encourage your kids to grab their clean washing from their own drawer. And never answer that nagging, "Where are my socks?" from your children again.

Custom benchtops and cabinetry ties it all together

The requirements you have for your laundry and its cabinetry will be totally individual to you. So, working with you, we’ll create the perfect design for your cabinetry and have it created based on how you live.

Much like the cabinetry we create for you, your benchtops can seriously tie a space together. We create these in a range of designs and finishes.

We'll handle the entire process on your behalf

Transforming your home through a new laundry is such an exciting time. We want you to enjoy the process for what it is. So, we handle the entire process for you with the help of our in-house project managers. From electricians and plumbers to the arrival of materials and custom joinery — we’ll handle it all for you.

Making Memories

"The process of rinsing, soaking, and washing clothes with detergent helps to remove dirt. Similarly, one should cleanse the mind and heart of all negativity."

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