Kitchen Makeovers

Your kitchen is the heart of your home and the centre of your interactions with family and guests. Turn up the luxury and style in your kitchen with a simple makeover. You don’t need to bring in a host of tradespersons and splash exuberant amounts of cash to create a beautiful kitchen. Here’s how…

Making Memories

"Kitchens are at the heart of all food, family and fun. The nostalgia-soaked room you'll remember forever."

Modern white kitchen with stainless sink and chrome tap

Give your kitchen a fresh look

You don’t always need to do a full renovation to create the kitchen you’ve been dreaming of. Your kitchen might already have the perfect layout and all the ingredients for a perfectly functional kitchen, it’s just the aesthetics that need an update and a refresh. That’s where a kitchen makeover comes in. Transform your kitchen into a new, fresh space without the hassle of a renovation… or the price tag.

Modern white kitchen

Work with what you already have.

Your kitchen layout is just right, your cabinetry is in good condition and all the right “ingredients” are there. So, why replace all of these materials? Why not take a sustainable and cost-effective approach to transform and refresh your kitchen? This prevents wasting perfectly fine materials and allows you an affordable option to refurbish your kitchen.

Revamp your kitchen with smart swaps & paint jobs

Instead of wiping out your kitchen and starting from scratch, you can work with what you already have. Why replace all your cabinetry when you can just replace the doors and the handles?

Think about those small items that make a big impact like lighting fixtures and tapware. Simply swapping these out for something more modern or on-trend can seriously lift your space. Then, you can splurge a little on an updated benchtop or splashback to pull it all together.

Small touches can make a big impact on the value of your home.

You’ll be surprised how tiny touches can make a big impact on your kitchen. Regrouting the floor or your splashback, or laying down a fresh coat of paint on any walls or window trimmings can do wonders to brighten your space. Even taking a predominantly dark-coloured space and refreshing it with some lighter accents can change how the lighting feels in your kitchen. If you feel you need more inspiration, searching terms such as ‘Kitchen Design’ on Pinterest can help you find new and exciting ideas.

Modern white kitchen

Our kitchen makeover team offers stunning, functional design.

With 23 years of experience in kitchen makeovers and renovations, we’re well-versed in the creation of kitchen spaces that are both functional and stunning. 

We’ll work with you to uncover exactly how you use your kitchen and the elements that are important to you so we can craft a custom kitchen that suits you perfectly. Your new kitchen will be designed to suit your style, tastes and your home to a tee.

Comprehensive kitchen transformations​

From the design and sourcing of all the perfect materials through to bringing the makeover together through the engagement of electricians, plumbers and any other contractors — we’ll take care of it all. 

We want you to enjoy this process for what it is — a fun and exciting time! So, we make transforming your kitchen a seamless and stress-free experience. 

Making Memories

"The kitchen is where the house becomes a home. Let's make it beautiful."

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