Andrew Lloyd

Designer Align Kitchens - Ipswich


Andrew’s career started in 1983 as a cabinet maker and over time he has successfully transitioned into shopfitting, kitchen manufacturing and now design. With such extensive and well rounded experience in the industry, Andrew has a unique ability to “see” a completed renovation in his head while in consultation with his clients and helps them to visualise their completed project before any work has been started.

Andrew’s Home Style

Andrew’s style is simple. Clean lines and functionality within a space is key to Andrew’s design aesthetic. He also enjoys the challenge of combining cutting edge design, paired with key functionality to create the perfect outcome for his clients. Andrew’s home kitchen is functional, easy to work in and more importantly a brilliant space to entertain guests (now that the kids have left home!). True to his cabinet maker origins, this is Andrew’s third kitchen in 28 years (why not when you can design, manufacture and build it yourself) although his wife assures us this will be the last. Only time will tell if this is in fact true.