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5 Tips | Our Favourite Storage Suggestions

Ask anyone, if there’s one thing you can never have enough of, it’s storage. After speaking with some of our team, we have come up with a list of 5 of our favourite storage solutions.

1. Tambour Doors

Tambour doors are a simple solution to help declutter your space. They provide a designated space for some of our smaller appliances, benchtop storage, and items that we use everyday while still being easily accessible. Tambour doors are extremely soft, quiet and easy to use unlike what we traditionally know of roller doors. The doors are built in a variety of different size to fit a space and can be fitted with an electric motor to make things even easier. While we see tambour appliance cupboards often, tambour doors can utilised in a variety of different space from the laundry to entertainment and bar units as well. 

2. Pull Out Pantry / Bins

Pantry storage solutions

A pull out pantry is a fantastic piece of hardware to install which can: 

  • provide better access to all your non-perishables than a traditional pantry. 
  • and allow for better organisation and optimisation of the space, particularly with narrow cupboards.

These mechanisms are not limited to pantries either; they’re fantastic for organising pots, pans and other bulky items.

Built in or Pull Out Bins are a fantastic piece to include into your cabinetry to keep the rubbish and clutter tucked away while still easily accessible. There are lots of different options for size and waste segregation which means that you can integrate these concealed bins into smaller spaces and can be fitted for things other than waste such as in the laundry.

Pull out bin systems are securely fitted with a sealed lid that will hold in any odours and that lid system acts as a shelf for even more storage.

3. LeMans and Carousels

LeMans and Carousels are great mechanisms for new kitchens which help to optimise the accessibility of corner cabinetry. Typically two shelves on a rotating mechanism, carousels rotate within the cabinetry while LeMans are another variation of pull out shelving. Both can carry up to 25KG per shelf which means that you can certainly store a few large and bulky items on these mechanism.

There are a couple limitations with this mechanism to consider however these limitations do not typically cause any inconvenience, especially as they are always installed in conjunction with other storage solutions.

Firstly, they can be quite expensive. Due to the complexity of the mechanism they are unable to be installed onsite so they are not a very friendly option for makeover’s. The other limitation is that although the shelving is more easily accessible, you are limited to the surface area of the rotating shelving. 

4. Drawers, Drawers, Drawers

Modern kitchen renovation with storage solutions

If there is one storage modification that we recommend over all the other options is simply, more drawers. Pull out shelving is essentially just fancy drawers. Adding more drawers is the most affordable option out of all that we discussed. Even for complex spaces like corner cabinetry, it can sometimes be more effective to embrace a small void as you will have more usable space that is easily accessible with a drawer than adding a mechanism. 

While we want to maximise storage space, sometimes to do so it’s worth embracing the void.

5. Pull Down Rails

While most of the above are targeted to kitchens, one thing we can not forget is wardrobe storage and accessibility. We love tall wardrobes, though for some of us who might be a bit more vertically challenged, having storage that is inaccessible is just impractical and means that a lot of your storage space is designated to items that you won’t be using regularly.

One of our favourite mechanisms for making more use of your wardrobe is pull down railing. This mechanism can provide more space for items that need to be hung up or provide more space to install more drawer units so you really can have your cake and eat it too.

These are our Top 5 favourite solutions for optimising accessibility and storage and there are so many more fantastic options that we have yet to discuss. Have you or would you integrate these into your cabinetry? Let us know!