View of a galley kitchen in a New Farm, Brisbane residence, showing white cabinetry, subway tile backsplash, and polished wooden floors, with a dining area visible in the background.

New Farm Remodel | Galley Kitchen, Bathrooms & Bookshelves


Galley kitchens, with their efficient use of space and streamlined design, are an ideal choice for the urban Brisbane lifestyle. This guide will walk you through the benefits of opting for a galley kitchen and how to make the most out of your renovation including considerations for bathroom makeovers and even a custom bookshelf to seal the deal.

Why Opt for a Galley Kitchen in Brisbane

Galley kitchens are known for their efficiency and effectiveness in homes where space might be as limited as free-time in the morning. Named after a ship’s galley, this kitchen layout is designed for efficiency and ease of use. Its compact design and smart use of space make it perfect for the Brisbane homeowner looking for a quick route out the door. 

View of a galley kitchen in a New Farm, Brisbane residence, showing white cabinetry, subway tile backsplash, and polished wooden floors, with a dining area visible in the background.

Maximizing Space and Functionality

One of the primary advantages of a galley kitchen is its ability to maximize space. With counters and appliances lined up on parallel walls, everything you need is within arm’s reach, making the cooking process more streamlined and efficient. This layout is particularly beneficial in Brisbane homes, where space can be at a premium, and inner city schedules demand maximum productivity.

Modern and well-lit kitchen space in New Farm, Brisbane, featuring under-cabinet LED lighting, white subway tiles, and stainless steel appliances, with a framed coastal landscape picture adding a serene touch.

Designing Your Brisbane Galley Kitchen

When it comes to designing your galley kitchen, Brisbane offers a plethora of inspiration. Incorporate elements like open shelving, integrated appliances, and sleek cabinetry to create a space that is balmy and breezy. Opt for long-lasting luxury materials like porcelain countertops and quality appliances. For the hot tip on commercial appliances, ask our designers about access to our RT Edwards commercial catalogue, otherwise not available to the public. If you’re a Good Guys kind of guy, we can fit your desired model into your design.

Spacious corner of a galley kitchen in a New Farm, Brisbane home, bathed in natural light from the window, featuring white cabinetry, a cozy nook with a wicker chair and decorative elements, and rich wooden flooring.

Incorporating Brisbane’s Lifestyle

Brisbane’s unique blend of laid-back Queensland charm and urban sophistication can be reflected in your galley kitchen design. Choose a color palette inspired by Brisbane’s natural landscapes or incorporate bi-fold windows to create an indoor-outdoor flow that takes advantage of Queensland’s beautiful weather.

Sleek bathroom featuring marble walls and countertop with a large mirror, glass shower divider, and modern fixtures, in a New Farm, Brisbane home renovation.

White Bathrooms

Complement your kitchen’s transformation with a bathroom renovation that encapsulates the essence of light, airy, and sophisticated design. Opt for a white palette to enhance the sense of space in your compact Queensland home, creating an oasis of calm and brightness.

Statement-making marble-like tiles can infuse luxury and elegance into the bathroom, mirroring the kitchen’s high-end finish. For a truly bespoke touch, explore the exquisite collections at Unica Tiles in Petrie Terrace and Tile Mob in Mitchelton, where you can find unique tiles that elevate your bathroom to a sanctuary of style and serenity.

This coordinated approach to your home’s renovation ensures a unified aesthetic that flows seamlessly from one room to the next.

Custom bookshelf

Integrating the materials used in both your galley kitchen and bathrooms for a cohesive look, elevate your inner-city lifestyle with space-efficient custom shelving. This approach not only maximizes your living space but also offers a stylish display of cherished books and heirlooms. Despite the digital age’s shift towards audio books, a bespoke bookshelf serves as a timeless sanctuary for your treasured paperbacks, making room for nostalgia amidst the new. 

By mirroring the design elements and materials across different areas of your home, you create a seamless aesthetic that enriches the urban living experience in every nook.

Final Thoughts

A galley kitchen renovation in Brisbane not only offers a practical solution for your time-saving hacks but also enhances the overall value and appeal of your home. By focusing on smart design choices and efficient use of space, you can create a galley kitchen that perfectly suits inner city living in the Sunshine State.

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