Flow & Function in The Gap | Kitchen, Bathroom and Laundry Renovation

Join us on a captivating journey as we delve into a recent kitchen and laundry renovation project in The Gap, Brisbane, orchestrated by Alana, designer and co-director of Align Kitchens. Discover how Alana’s expertise transformed a U-shaped kitchen into a seamless, spacious haven that flawlessly connects the kitchen and dining areas, as well as a laundry and two stunning bathrooms with a shared and stunning aesthetic. With custom cabinetry, clever design choices, a focus on enhancing functionality, and incorporating the characterful input of the client, this renovation is sure to inspire.

Creating Flow: Redesigning the Floor plan for Connectivity:

The initial challenge of a divided space was expertly addressed by Alana’s keen eye for design. Understanding the client’s desire for enhanced flow, she skillfully redesigned the floor plan to create a thoroughfare between the kitchen and dining room. By removing the barriers, Alana transformed the two spaces, allowing for an easy transition and a more open, inviting atmosphere.

The Heart of the Kitchen: A Practical and Beautiful Kitchen Island:

Central to the new design, a spacious kitchen island took center stage, offering both practicality and style. Alana’s thoughtful consideration for usable bench space ensured that no sacrifices were made, particularly for the needs of a large family. With storage on three sides of the island, the design allows plenty of space for multiple users, including the microwave tucked away in a concealed and accessible space. The island also provided an opportunity to incorporate seating options, effectively transforming the kitchen into a versatile breakfast bench. To enhance the spaciousness, a stunning Smartstone Neive White stone bench top was selected, radiating light throughout the room. Completing the look, the Abey N200W White Double Sink added a touch of sophistication to the design.

Stone benchtop in our latest custom kitchen installation.

Seamless Integration: Custom Cabinetry for a Hallway Study:

Harnessing the power of custom cabinetry, Alana strategically concealed unsightly appliances by integrating the fridge and dishwasher discreetly within the design, as well as incorporating Nikpol Teramo 66L Bin Soft-Closing and an In Drawer Powerpoint. The uninterrupted ambiance achieved by these custom additions continues to flow through the home from the kitchen to the bathroom and laundry, as well as a small study along the way. What was once a large and cumbersome linen cupboard in the hallway was partially transformed into a functional study and storage area for the busy family to use. We like to think of this cute and practical design as the ‘Family Control Centre’, a central place for calendars, mail, keys, and school newsletters.  

Custom Cabinetry Collage from Align Kitchens

The Perfect Complement: A Harmonious Laundry Design

As we continue our journey through the remarkable renovation project in The Gap, Brisbane, we now focus on the laundry design that perfectly complements the stunning kitchen transformation. The laundry design embraces a pleasing combination of wood and white elements, mirroring the warm and inviting atmosphere created in the kitchen. White cabinetry doors and splashback tiles establish a clean and fresh aesthetic, while wooden accents in the form of Kethy handles in Walnut, and a beautifully crafted benchtop infuse the space with natural elegance. Prioritzing functionality, once again, the design incorporates a thoughtful hanging rail positioned above the sink, providing a dedicated spot for delicate items that cannot be placed in the dryer. To optimize storage, overhead units are strategically incorporated, ensuring items are neatly stowed away and out of sight. Custom cabinetry includes a hidden Hafele Hailo Laundry Hamper in keeping with the out-of-sight approach. Adopting a floor-to-ceiling approach, this design maximizes storage space, offering ample room for all laundry essentials. Adding a touch of character, the Elegante Terrazzo Verde Tile chosen for the laundry aligns seamlessly with the bathroom tile, establishing a visually captivating ambiance throughout the entire renovation. An interesting aspect to take note of  is the installation of the single glass door, which was initially a double sliding door. Freeing up the wall space allowed for the cabinetry to run wall to wall to maximise storage.

How did you decide on the colour and style of your custom made cabinets?

I looked at home design magazines and internet sites. I felt the slightly retro shaker style of sage green on lower cabinets would suit the age of my apartment. I chose white upper cabinets to give a more spacious look.

Laundry benchtop and custom cabinetry.

Consistent Elegance: The Unifying Design of Two Stunning Bathrooms

In addition to the remarkable kitchen and laundry renovation, this renovation project in The Gap, Brisbane showcases the exceptional design of not just one, but two bathrooms – the main bathroom and the master ensuite. Both bathrooms embrace the same Elegante Terrazzo Verde Tile featured in the laundry, creating a visually captivating and cohesive aesthetic throughout the home. The design further unifies the spaces using textural white tiles, lending a clean and timeless backdrop. The space is lengthened by utilizing frameless glass panels and extending floor tiles onto certain walls. Customized cabinetry, tailored to fit perfectly within the space, adds functionality and offers ample storage, making the room user-friendly and organized. 

Adding a thoughtful and vibrant touch, the bathrooms incorporate pops of color carefully chosen by the client, copper tapware, elevating the design with a sophisticated and contemporary allure. With meticulous attention to detail, the kitchen, laundry, and bathrooms blend together.

Custom Bathroom Remodel collage from Align Kitchens
Green accent on a custom bathroom redesign from Align Kitchens.

Alana’s design expertise, coupled with the client’s characterful contributions, brought about a remarkable transformation in The Gap, Brisbane. By maximizing connectivity and functionality, the kitchen, laundry, and bathroom renovation project resulted in a sense of unity and harmony. The addition of a stunning kitchen island, custom cabinetry, and carefully selected features showcased Align Kitchens’ commitment to delivering the best kitchen renovations in Brisbane. If you’re seeking a minor kitchen renovation or a complete transformation, Alana and the Align Kitchens team are ready to bring your kitchen renovation ideas to life with their expertise, passion, and dedication to creating remarkable spaces. 

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Bench topSmartstone Da Vinci 20mm
Splash backSubway Tile
Appliances Fisher and Paykel Ceramic Cooktop CE604DTB1
Fisher Paykel Oven OB60SC7CEX2
Fisher and Paykel Rangehood HP60ICSX3
Fridge Mitsubishi CX450ER-ST-ABosch 450
Dishwasher SPU61MSO1A – Series 6
Bathroom Wall TileBathroom Wall Tile 30 x 60 Gloss White
Bathroom Floor TileBathroom Floor Tarrazzo look Lappato