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The interior renovation specialists at Align Kitchens transformed the underutilised space of this home into a free-flowing hub of comfort that the Franklin family had been dreaming of. The revamping of the house started with the redesigning of a new kitchen. The original kitchen had been situated in the middle of the home with 45 degree angles and a large high-top that was surrounded by walls. This formed a very shadowy and pokey kitchen that felt crammed in such a large house. To remodel this space into a light, airy and spacious room, we removed all the walls to create an open plan. Given that the right side of the house was predominantly made of glass, the removal of the walls allowed all of the natural light to elegantly flood the house. 

The homeowners were mainly after better functionality and aesthetics for their home. We worked with them to come up with a new design that relocated the main bedroom’s entrance to increase their privacy and to allow the room to design an open floor plan for the kitchen and dining room. There had been a “hallway to nowhere” which was repurposed into a third ensuite bathroom for the guest room which had a walk-in wardrobe room added to it. The other two bathrooms were also re-designed to be more functional and aesthetically pleasing. Rather than a crowded, dark space, the bathrooms are now luxurious and functional rooms that can be enjoyed by the whole family and guests.

At the homeowners request, we used a natural palette to foster a more natural and airy fee that also compliments the timber flooring. Now when you enter the house from the front door, you are met with a beautiful and spacious living room. This space seamlessly flows together with a large kitchen, dining room and lounge room.


For this Everton Hill interior renovations, we worked on a lot of different angels to ensure the family’s home design would gain optimal functionality while also creating a desirable open plan living area. Not only did this new interior design enhance the amount of natural light that now comes into the entire house, it also increased the spacious feel whilst maintaining the comforting warmth of an intimate family home.

At Align Kitchens, we understand that the kitchen is the heart of your home and a social hub where meals are shared during the precious time that is spent together in this room. So when we designed the upgraded, modern kitchen makeover, we ensured it had an appropriate amount of space to enable a busy family to harmoniously prepare, cook and eat food together without feeling as though everyone is crammed in and rushed to leave this important centerpoint. 

The new kitchen design also has a flow on effect to their dining room, which the family had stated was an important area for them to enjoy quality time together. The new open-plan kitchen and dining room design boasts enough space to integrate a suitable dining table that is conducive for a devoted family to create precious everyday memories together. 

The kitchen and dining room are also integrated with the lounge spaces, which is much better for entertaining, be it for themselves or guests. If visitors were to come by and stay at the home, the newly created guest suite has its own luxurious style bathroom and a wardrobe with custom cabinetry, which will give the guests their own space and privacy. The relocation of the main bedroom’s entrance gives the homeowners more privacy too. As for the two other bathrooms, their redesign creates a modern, trendy and luxurious room with good functionality and aesthetics, providing them with the perfect space to wash away the day.

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From our point of view, everything ran very smoothly and on time. Our biggest challenge due to our lack of knowledge was choosing the design elements. Again, we were guided by Alana, which made this process a lot easier!

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