Spacious double vanity with two round basins, gold faucets, under-cabinet lighting, and a large arched mirror with a golden glow

Fig Tree Pocket | Styling the Bathroom & Laundry

We chat to homeowner, Leanne, about her thoughts behind renovating her beautiful home in Fig Tree Pocket, Brisbane.

Here’s a glimpse into this wonderful renovation story and how Align Kitchens played a crucial role in bringing Leanne’s beautiful bathroom and laundry vision to life.

The Trigger for Renovation

The decision to renovate sparked as soon as Leanne purchased the house. Enamored by the layout and location, they saw the potential, but the kitchen, bathrooms, and other areas needed a modern update and refresh.

Modern laundry room featuring stacked washer and dryer with white and stainless steel finish, white cabinetry with gold handles, a built-in sink with a gold faucet, and terrazzo-style floor tiles.

Discovering Align Kitchens

Align Kitchens entered the picture through a compelling recommendation from another local retired cabinet maker. Jo, our talented designer for the inner city areas, was more than happy to take on the referral with expert dedication.

“Jo came by and asked all the important questions and we worked towards that vision with her expertise”.

With Jo’s expert guidance, Leanne’s ‘must-haves’ were prioritised throughout the design.

  • Kitchen, bathroom, wardrobe, and laundry all required up-to-date finishes.
  • A touch of color was essential for interest but aimed at achieving timeless appeal.
  • The bathroom featured a unique shelf wall storage in the shower for added practicality.
Chic bathroom detail showing a section of the vanity with a white oval vessel sink atop a marble countertop, fluted cabinet doors with gold pulls, and a rectangular mirror with a soft golden backlight, complemented by white subway tiles and large grey floor tiles.

Overcoming Challenges

Leanne didn’t face many challenges. They were content with the original layout, and Jo handled the details efficiently, resulting in a project that closely adhered to the expected timeline and budget.

“To be entirely honest, we didn’t run into too many challenges. We were happy with the original layout so we didn’t need to do too much and Jo handled all the small details to execute our vision and it was rolled out close to the expected timeline and budget.”

Choosing Cabinet Color and Style

Opting for a timeless look, Leanne chose neutral tones for custom-made cabinets. To add warmth, they incorporated splashes of colour and texture through the fixtures, drawing inspiration from extensive research.

“I always wanted something that would date well, so neutrals were always the direction we were going in. But splashes or pink and brass fixtures would add warmth. A lot of time was spent on Instagram and Pinterest!”

Bright bathroom with white tiled walls, a toilet, and a vanity with dual basins, gold fixtures, and a softly lit large arch mirror.

Bench Top Selection

Leanne prioritized a stone overlay for the benchtops, (now available in low-silica Porcelain options in-line with the new Australian standards), deeming it the most cost-effective and time-efficient option. With the overlay option, we were able to achieve the desired beachy aesthetic whilst keeping a long lifespan as a priority for the timeless value.

Lifestyle Impact

The renovated spaces have brought immense joy to Leanne, who now revel in the renewed aesthetics of their home.

“We just love how beautiful, fresh, and up to date it all looks.”

Close-up of a laundry room sink area with a sleek gold faucet, white subway tile wall, and white cabinets featuring distinctive gold pulls, set against a marble-like countertop.

Leanne’s Top Tips for Renovators

1. Partner with knowledgeable professionals to avoid timeline issues.

2. Compile a list of non-negotiable finishes and negotiable items to balance budget and desired outcomes.

3. Choose a professional with excellent communication skills to alleviate stress during the renovation process.

Our heartfelt thanks to Leanne for sharing their insights and tips for those considering a renovation journey in Brisbane. Your experience is sure to inspire others as they embark on their own transformative home renovation. We hope you have a Merry Christmas in your new kitchen!

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