Nicola Onslow

Showroom Design & Colour Consultant - Brisbane


Nicky is a valuable recent addition to the Align team, boasting an impressive 35 years of experience as an esteemed interior designer, specializing in joinery, bathrooms, and kitchens. Her extensive expertise in these areas elevates our team’s capabilities to deliver exceptional results. Recognizing that each home and client is unique, Nicky thrives on the ever-changing nature of the design process, consistently infusing it with relevance and freshness. Her unwavering commitment to tailoring designs to individual needs ensures that every project receives personalized attention and surpasses expectations. With Nicky’s wealth of knowledge and innovative approach, we are excited to witness the transformative impact she will undoubtedly make in our clients’ spaces, creating homes that are both stylish and perfectly suited to their distinct personalities and lifestyles.


Nicky’s Home Style

Having travelled and lived in various countries around the world, Nicky likes a classic bare canvas to showcase her eclectic finds from all different regions.  Colour and light are very important to her but she thinks that the style of the home should reflect the personality of the architect.

Favourite Brisbane Restaurant & item to order: Greca – Saganaki