Couple’s Retreat | Luxury Bathrooms


Our team at Align Kitchens took on the creative challenge to work on an adventurous home renovation in Middle Park, featuring two distinct bathroom designs, each with unique goals. One that speaks to the opulent nature of the daring couple, and the other that lends itself to family-friendly users incorporating a subdued version of the original colour palette. Let’s dive into the journey that Alana, one of our principal designers undertook to craft the exquisite spaces in this wonderful Brisbane home.

A Couples’ Oasis

The pièce de résistance of this space is the stunning jungle-themed wallpaper, a daring choice inspired by the client’s bold tiger tattoo that graces her back. The wallpaper added an element of intrigue and sensuality, perfectly setting the scene for intimate adventure.

Camouflaged amongst the visual allure, ample storage was meticulously planned into the design including renovating the walk-in-robe. The goal was to provide plenty of space to keep things organized yet out of sight so as to keep the order in order and the wild wild!

Couples Bathroom Luxury – Downstairs

Luxury, tradition, and functionality were the driving forces behind this captivating downstairs bathroom. With a penchant for rich colors and a touch of gold, the client’s vision of an opulent sanctuary for couples was brought to life. The design process began by carefully selecting materials that exuded elegance such as the gold tapware and hardware. Take note of the gorgeous handles and rainfall shower head.

Family Bathroom Triumph – Upstairs

Upstairs, we faced an entirely different challenge. The previous bathroom had seen better days and demanded a complete transformation. The most daunting aspect was the window where a leaking bath once resided. Our team undertook external brickwork and rodent proofing, ensuring the structural integrity of the space while preserving its aesthetic appeal.

The new bathroom, carefully tailored to the client’s needs, now boasts a sleek and modern design that harmoniously coexists with the classic elements of the home. The placement of fixtures and the use of space were key considerations that enabled us to achieve balance.

We tied in elements from the downstairs design, creating a sense of cohesion throughout the home. The color palette, reminiscent of the rich colors and soft gold accents downstairs, was adapted to create a family-friendly atmosphere. The result is a space that is both elegant and approachable, catering to the needs of every family member.

The simplicity of the design ensures that the bathroom remains timeless, effortlessly accommodating changing trends and preferences. Ample storage options and thoughtful layout choices make this bathroom a functional haven for the entire family.

The two bathroom transformations exemplify the art of interior design, where creativity, functionality, and individuality intertwine. From the luxurious allure of the downstairs couples’ sanctuary to the triumph over challenges in the upstairs renovation, and the creation of a classic family-friendly bathroom, our team at Align Kitchens takes pride in crafting spaces that truly resonate with our clients’ visions no matter how tame or wild at heart.

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