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Renovating a kitchen can breathe new life into a home, turning it into a stylish space that is a joy to be in. In the vibrant Brisbane suburb of Oxley, homeowner Sue embarked on a transformative kitchen renovation project after three decades of outdated design. In this blog, we’ll delve into Sue’s experience with Align Kitchens, her vision for the renovation, the challenges she faced, and the remarkable outcome that has elevated her lifestyle.

Knowing When It Was Time

After years of enduring an impractical and outdated kitchen, Sue recognized that it was time for a change. The lack of functionality and outdated aesthetics prompted her to seek a modern and efficient kitchen that would complement her home’s character.

Collaborating With Align Kitchens

Guided by the positive experiences shared by friends, Sue found her ideal renovation partner in Align Kitchens. Their reputation for exceptional service and expertise made them the natural choice for her renovation project.

To create her dream kitchen, Sue collaborated closely with Align designer, Jo Smith, sharing her vision and requirements. This included the desire to connect the kitchen and dining area with the outdoors in order to take advantage of the beautiful deck that overlooked her property.

Must-Haves and Overcoming Challenges

Sue’s must-haves for her kitchen renovation included easily accessible storage with drawers, multiple bench areas to facilitate collaborative cooking, and a design that seamlessly integrated indoor and outdoor living spaces. The biggest challenge she faced was the overwhelming number of options available during the total renovation process. However, her patient and knowledgeable designer, Jo, guided her through the possibilities, offering expert advice and ensuring the final design was a resounding success.

Design Choices

In selecting the color and style of the custom-made cabinets, Sue opted for a light and bright palette to enhance the kitchen’s spaciousness and reflect the home’s character. For the benchtop, she chose an engineered stone that offered both durability and easy maintenance, catering to her desire for a practical and hassle-free kitchen.

Enlivening the Splashback

With white cabinetry serving as a backdrop, Sue wanted the splashback to inject color and personality into the kitchen. The tile she chose not only adds vibrancy but also ties together the overall design.

Enhanced Lifestyle and Gatherings

The renovation has significantly improved Sue’s lifestyle and her ability to host visitors. The kitchen has become the heart of her home, seamlessly connecting to the deck through bi-fold windows. This integration allows Sue to be part of the fun while entertaining outside. The spacious layout and ample bench space also enable multiple people to prepare meals simultaneously, making family gatherings a breeze. Sue has rediscovered her joy of cooking, and the rejuvenated kitchen has become a cherished space where memories are created.

Top 3 Tips for Renovating in Brisbane

Reflecting on her renovation journey, Sue offers three valuable tips for anyone considering a renovation in Brisbane:

1. “Decide on the look you are going for.” 

2. “You don’t need to have all the answers – that’s what the wonderful designers from Align are for!”

3. “The project will probably take longer than you thought but it is worth it as you will enjoy the new space every day for many years to come.”

Sue’s kitchen renovation in Oxley showcases the transformative power of a well-executed renovation project. With the expertise of Align Kitchens and her own vision, Sue has turned her outdated kitchen into a functional, stylish, and inviting space that seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor living. Her journey serves as an inspiration for anyone seeking to elevate their lifestyle through a kitchen renovation, and her tips provide valuable insights for a successful renovation experience in Brisbane. 

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