BROOKFIELD Kitchen remodelling

Brookfield Remodel | Kitchen with Matching Bathroom

Interview With The Designer As We Chill Out In This Cool, Clean Kitchen And Bathroom Makeover

Jo Smith, co-director and expert designer, walks us through her process of remodeling this beautiful kitchen and bathroom with our Brisbane-made custom cabinetry.

Can you walk us through the design inspiration and concept behind this stunning kitchen?

The kitchen was previously on the opposite side of the house, in a smaller space that limited the design possibilities. The clients desired an open-style kitchen with a large multifunctional island bench, so it became evident that relocating the kitchen into a more spacious area was the best solution. This transformation allowed the old kitchen area to be converted into a smaller, more intimate TV room.

BROOKFIELD Kitchen remodelling

What were the primary functional considerations you took into account when designing this kitchen space? How did you address them?

 Functional considerations included creating an open-plan layout to accommodate multiple users simultaneously. We allocated space for appliances like the jug and toaster, making them easily accessible yet discreet as you enter the kitchen area. The kitchen island bench was a key feature, allowing food preparation while kids could engage in drawing, playing games, or doing homework.

BROOKFIELD Kitchen remodelling

Tell us about the choice of materials, colors, and textures in this kitchen. How do they contribute to the overall ambiance and aesthetics?

The client had selected the Resene Blue Night color as a feature throughout their home. We aimed to incorporate this hue into the kitchen without overwhelming the space. To maintain cohesion throughout the home, we opted for the same two-pack paint color as the wall for the lighter cabinetry areas. The choice of benchtops was designed to complement the floor tiles previously selected by the client. Overall, our goal was to create a sophisticated, homely, and inviting space that harmonized with the style of the home—a timeless classic.

BROOKFIELD Kitchen remodelling

Incorporating storage solutions effectively is crucial in any kitchen. Could you highlight some innovative storage solutions you integrated into this design?

The abundance of space in this kitchen allowed us to implement numerous drawers, eliminating the need for additional storage solutions. Additionally, the pantry was equipped with inner drawers set at specific heights to accommodate the types of food items the family regularly purchases.

BROOKFIELD Kitchen remodelling

Lighting plays a significant role in enhancing both functionality and atmosphere. How did you approach the lighting design for this kitchen, and what effects were you aiming to achieve?

Given the naturally well-lit space, we installed LED strip lighting under the wall unit cabinetry to provide task lighting and create a pleasant ambiance. LED downlights were strategically placed throughout the space, each equipped with a dimmer to allow the client to customize the lighting to their preference.

Jo’s work extends across various areas in Brisbane near the CBD, including New Farm and Paddington. For further information or to book a free consultation, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Align team today. Discover how we can assist you in your home renovation journey.

BROOKFIELD Bathroom remodelling
Benchtop Caesar Stone 40mm Alpine Mist 
Splashback Tiles by client 
Cabinetry Shaker profile satin finish in Resene Blue night for island bench and Dulux Snowy Mountains ¼ for L shaped kitchen area
Handles Barchie Satin Nickel Ashgrove handles and Doomben Knobs 
Sink + Tapware Abey Piazza CR500D stainless steel sink. Tap by client.
AppliancesClient supplied – Bosch oven and cook top Whispair range hood